Guitar Repair and Setup

I've been working as a guitar technician for nearly 30 years, providing maintenance, repairs and setups. In this time, I have worked on nearly thousands of fretted instruments.
I believe that the most important aspect of any instrument is its feel. If it doesn't feel good to play, then not only is it not fun, but it can also actively hurt your playing.
I love to make instruments feel the best that they can be.
A couple of examples of guitars I have worked on
Types of guitar repair
All jobs include standard strings. For any inquiries, please contact me.
Tweak/ Service
Adjustments or a general service (not requiring fretwork) - such as truss rods, action, height, intonation, annoying niggles, etc. Includes recrowning.
Standard Setup
Are your frets choking? Are your heights not right? Is your guitar just bad? This setup includes fret levelling, fret dressing, and fret crowning. There will be a discernible difference!
Top Job
I will make your guitar play the best it possibly can. The ‘Top Job’ treatment includes all standard setup, plus many subtle improvements to make your guitar feel beautiful! Includes guitar nut servicing.
£120- £150
Standard refretting - this is standard on most guitars
Jesscar Refretting
Jescar fret wires are harder than their traditional counterparts, and last longer.
Stainless Steel Refretting
Stainless steel frets are the hardest wearing frets you can get, and last 2-3 times longer than standard frets.
Additional Info - Casing and delivery
Wherever possible, please bring your guitar in person (by appointment only). Leave all straps and accessories, other than the tremolo bar, at home. If this is not possible, make sure that any guitar needing work is extremely well packaged. Hiscox make great cases which will provide plenty of protection for your guitar.
If you cannot deliver your guitar in person, please use your favourite, most trusted delivery service, ensuring your guitar is secure and has adequate tracking and insurance. I will use the same service you use to return your guitar, and add the additional postage fees to the net price. Please note: I will not take responsibility for guitars damaged in the post. This is why I would prefer to have it delivered in person: to ensure the safety of your belongings.
Make your guitar the best it can be!
All jobs include standard strings