Guitar Setup, Tuition and Technician Training
Do you feel like you're not getting the most out of your guitar? Does something just feel ‘off’ when you play? I can help.
My name is Ian, and I’m a Guitar Technician and Teacher based in Plymouth, England. I have been repairing and setting up guitars for over 30 years.
I believe that the most important aspect of a guitar is its feel. A guitar is an extension of yourself, and if it doesn’t feel right or isn’t properly maintained, it can hinder not just your performance, but the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from playing.
Whether you need your guitar to be set up, or require repairing of structural damage, refinishing, basic electronic work, re-fretting, or any other guitar care, I have you covered.
I work on all brands and types of guitars, including electrics, acoustics or even bass guitars.
Check out my Repairs page for more information!
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Technician Training
If you have ever been interested in working on guitars, either as a hobby or if you are looking to work as a fully qualified technician, I can help you get to where you want to be.
I provide an intensive weekend-long technical course, where I go through all the ins and outs of my processes, and all the skills you need to be a Guitar Technician.

I cover everything, including fret dressing, bridgework, and full setups.

This course also covers basic electronics, fixing faulty wiring and loose connections.

The course also includes £500-worth of tools which will be provided for you to keep as a part of the course.

Become a Guitar Technician! Limited spaces available!
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Guitar Tuition
I've been teaching the guitar for over 30 years. I teach a wide variety of styles, from blues and jazz to heavy rock. Whatever you want to learn, we can work on it together and get you to where you want to be!
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Make your guitar the best it can be!