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What our clients say about our guitar technician training courses:

Here at Sphynx Guitar Tech, we provide thorough and comprehensive guitar technician training courses in Devon that are designed to give you the technical know-how and the confidence to undertake all aspects of guitar repairs and maintenance. 
"Recently, I did a guitar tech course with Ian. 1:1 teaching for some very long days, full of of interest and learning. Ian taught me some stuff I never thought I’d be able to do and some stuff I didn’t know existed. The course packs a huge amount into a few days, so I recommend taking notes as you go."

"He gave me confidence by being confident himself and by trusting me to do stuff. He let me get my hands on some guitars that were for sale and I think I managed not to stuff up! He never crowded me or stood over me, allowing me to develop my own way of applying the techniques. I’ve learnt a huge amount in this training, to the point where I’m able to begin tech work as part of earning my living. Both Ian and Tina are really hospitable and generous in what they do. I commend them to you."

- Roy Williams
"Just did this guitar tech course and I am very pleased with it, I learnt so much and became more confident with taking guitars apart as before I didn’t have a clue.
I am satisfied with all the tools that I got, and now I am in my house setting up other people’s guitars as well as my students."

"The course itself was very intense and knackering so be prepared, but I’m glad to have done this as already I’m setting up peoples equipment and guitars. Well worth the money just make sure you have the time to practice it on old guitars as it is a skill and takes time to get used to each guitars set up, also make sure that you have enough guitars to practice with before handling other peoples equipment.
He also gave me a list of contacts and suppliers that he recommends which I’m grateful for, he even gave me many ideas for a business plan, gives recommendations your way to help you with business.
Ian is also brilliant for when you run into any trouble or are unsure about something during your practice / job, as he will always be in contact to help you with any inquiries or solutions to a job.
Overall I would yes recommend Ian, he is a fantastic man and always there to help, I hope he does well and satisfies others for their business / hobby needs.
Thanks again."

-Shaun Smith
"Just finished the three day guitar tech course,one word brilliant.
I went in as someone who was wary about doing anything more than changing strings on a guitar to someone who went home and thought nothing of taking the neck off his £500 strat, that's how much confidence the course gives you.
You can tell Ian has a real passion for his work and it shows not only in his work but in the way he teaches (makes sure you're doing things right). I felt that what I was being taught was a bit of a lost art in this modern age.
Ian is a really nice bloke, easy to get on with, he gave me loads of tips about starting my own business and a list of suppliers to get me started, he also supplies you with all the tools you need to get going.
The course is very intense (be prepared for some late nights) but is very enjoyable and moves at a pace that keeps it interesting and if you're not sure of anything Ian is just a phone call away.
You get a lot more than what it says on the tin,believe me.
Highly recommended."

-David Nicholls

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