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Quality guitar repairs in Plymouth from 
Sphynx Guitar Tech

Guitar repairs and set-ups

Guitar repairs and set-ups

At Sphynx Guitar Tech, we undertake all aspects of guitar repair and maintenance, from complete set-ups to fret redressing, electronics and refrets. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who come back time and time again for our quality repairs and excellent service.
What most guitar repair centres would call a full set-up, we call a tweak. We specialise in bringing guitars 'back from the dead' and will be able to handle any guitar you bring to us.
Call us today and let us breathe new life into your instrument.
Your complete guitar repair service in Plymouth. Call Sphynx Guitar Tech today for expert repairs and maintenance.
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Guitar repairs pricing:

We provide full guitar set-ups and repairs to your instrument. Trust in us to deliver an outstanding repair service. We also provide professional guitar tuition in Plymouth.
•  Tweak - £35
•  Standard set-up - £80
•  Top job - £120
•  Refrets - £150 - £200
Guitar repairs

What our customers say:

Its great having someone like Ian to work on my guitars and basses, as I know he has the same high standards and attention to detail that I have.
I run a small business selling vintage bases and guitars, and to me, my reputation is my most valuable asset, especially as I have many repeat customers.
I know that when an instrument needs work (from set ups, fret dresses, servicing etc) Ian will always go the extra mile. If its not right he will spend as long on it as he has to in order to get it spot on, even if he’s not allowed the extra time on the job.
The results are always impressive – he will get an instrument playing better, even if its brand new and had “pro” set up done, prior to it being sold. I would recommend him 100%.
Mark Morgan-Richard

Just want to say a big thank you to Ian for setting up my guitar. I went for the top-notch set-up and I’ve not been disappointed. The craftmenship is fantastic.
I cannot tell what Yamaha has done or what Ian did – it completely blends in.
Ian also has a great ear for tuning and the guitar is richer and so much easier to play. The dreaded D chord is no longer a problem!
I will definitely be back with any other guitar I get in the future.
The Strat is still playing amazing, just the best guitar I have ever owned and these pickups are just the sound I was looking for. Moving the volume pot makes it so comfortable too. Thanks a heap mate.
Richard Nettleship

Hi Ian,
You made a great job of the repair to the bridge of my (acoustic) guitar, very pleased, thanks.
Graham Avery
I dropped my Fender Strat into Ian’s workshop as I was after a pickup upgrade and general guitar setup. Ian gave me loads of advice on different options and was extremely helpful. I decided to go for a DiMarzio SSH configuration along with the setup. The job took around 5 days to complete and was priced very competitively. I immediately noticed a massive improvement in the guitar’s ‘feel’ and tone. The pick ups are amazing, and the frets, action and intonation are second to none! To conclude, I am very happy with the service from Ian and would recommend it to anyone that wants high quality, useful guitar setups/modifications.
Thanks again :)
Dean Marriott (Torpoint, Cornwall)
Ian mate. Tried my guitar (p.eggle) at practice on Friday after leaving you – what can I say, it took me a while to get used to it….(Bottom E and A buzz a tad, but we did expect that – it buzzed a hell of a lot more before!..and new strings do make a racket for a week or so)…To sum up…Bloody ace mate! Thanks. Best 75 squid I’ve spent… could you pencil me in for a lesson too…cheers

Bass plays really well. I prefer the tone to what it was when it was active!! Thanks dude.

Just like to say your set up of my sg was better than I could imagine the new pick ups you’ve added have just the sound I was looking for.
As always great work.
Many thanks

Looking at local guitar teachers for my son and your name popped up. Good memories of lessons and an admiration for a nice bloke and a stunning guitarist. I hope you’re happy and life is treating you well. All my best to you both.

Very bad…na, just joking.
Guitar wouldn’t be the same without your setups – awesome playability and amazing job. Every guitar should go to you
James Davis

Thanks for setting up and fret-dressing my SG. She was croaking and choking, now she sings and cries like a baby. Bloody beauty.
Nick Carter

My guitars sound better than guitars twice their value, thanks to Ian’s expertise (and my playing of course) :)
Rob Smith

Recently had my left handed acoustic tanglewood setup by Ian Randell, done a great job on thanks
Mark Berry

Had my Guild DM17 set up by Sphynx Guitar Training. Did a good job, very pleased.
Graham Avery

Thought my Telecaster was ready for guitar heaven, but thanks to Doctor Ian she lives again! Ian is obviously passionate about what he does and that translates into his workmanship. The Tele feels like a new guitar now and plays better than it ever has. Top man, top job, Cheers!
Crispy from

I am extremely happy with the setup he has done on my guitar. Not only does it look great it also plays brilliantly and I would recommend him to anyone. He will be doing any other required work on my guitar in the future and setups on any further guitar purchases I make.
Adam O’Carroll
Ian did me a great service in setting up my Fender Strat. It sounds and feels like a dream and I wouldn’t let anyone else set up my guitars. Ian is a great guy and went above and beyond to make sure my Strat was perfect, even when it caused him a whole world of issues.
John Avery

I gave my brand new Gibson (weird SG) to Sphynx Guitars after they were recommended by my tutor. Even a complete novice like myself noticed the complete transformation in my instrument after having it setup properly! It’s the first guitar I’ve had and I thought it was good enough when I bought it, how wrong was I! I reckon I’ve been spoiled now and can’t even look at a ‘lesser’ guitar any more. Notes are easier to play, bends and slides take less effort and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks Ia
Carleton Bennett

Cheers again for setting up the Les Paul, it plays B…E…A…utifally! The refret is flawless and feels amazing and the new machine heads really make all the difference.
Ross Symons

Ian has worked on 5 of my guitars whilst I have known him and no matter how tricky or fiddly the job, he has done jobs to an unbelievably high standard. This year 2 guitars I own were set up and modified by Ian. The results:
A Super Strat that is honestly the 2nd best I’ve ever played.
Because of Ian’s unopposed skill with guitar and bass work, I will NEVER have anyone else work on my guitars.
Alex Thompson

When I got my acoustic guitar I was struggling to play and it didn’t sound very nice (but then it did only cost about £50!) but since it’s been set up by Ian it’s so much easier and nicer to play and the sound quality is brilliant, now you would think I paid hundreds for the guitar! Thank you so much Ian you’re amazing :)
Laura Wilde

I bought an ESP LTD M Series a while ago but really struggled with the action and frets so I got Sphynx Guitars to do a full setup and some fret work. Now it plays amazingly well and has boosted my ability and my motivation massively. The guitar came back exactly how I wanted it and in better condition than when I gve it to him. I will take all guitars I buy from here on to Ian to be setup, it’s well worth the money.
Adam Carpenter

I had lessons with Ian a long time ago and knew if I ever needed advice on guitars he was the best man on the subject. He set up my first ever guitar and brought it back from the dead. Almost 12 years later I asked him to customise the same guitar, it’s now the guitar I always wanted! It’s an absolute thumper & makes being in a 2 piece possible!
Never have a I met a man who knows so much, holds such an eternal passion for the instrument and has unparalleled skill as a player. People should be queuing up to have their guitars so much as smiled at by Mr Ian Randell :)
Simon Hampshire

Sphnyx Guitars setup my Ibanez rg 470 dx and it plays great. I wasn’t sure at the start with someone taking my guitar to pieces but he has done a brilliant job and I have asked fro new pickups and a setup up on my Strat knowing they’ll do a brilliant job.
Adam Hill

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the setup of my new Fender Strat. The only trouble with it is that no other guitar plays as nicely now!
Mike Adams

A big thanks you for the setups you’ve done on my acoustic and electric guitars, which are performing well.
Mike Read

Ian’s work on my USA Strat is second to none. I have had extensive work done and he really has turned a nice guitar into an amazing machine beyond any value. I wouldn’t swap it for any other and would not let anyone else near it with tools. Randell rocks! Let him bring your guitar to life!
Steve Hall

You make any guitar play way above it’s price point and you’re not happy unless the customer is. The best compliment I can say is that your setups make me want to play more. And they make me sound better. Miracle!

“I dropped my Fender Strat into Ian’s workshop as I was after a pickup upgrade and general guitar setup. Ian gave me loads of advice on different options and was extremely helpful. I decided to go for a Dimarzio SSH configuration along with the setup. The job took around 5 days to complete and was priced very competitively. I immediately noticed a massive improvement in the guitar’s ‘feel’ and tone. The pickups are amazing, and the frets, action and intonation are second to none! To conclude, I am very happy with the service from Ian and would recommend it to anyone that wants
high quality, useful guitar setups/modifications. Thanks again :)”
Dean Marriott

Ref, fender acoustic guitar, just started to learn how to play the guitar when my tutor advised me to have my guitar set-up so he recommended me to contact ian randel,l when he done the set-up and gave me the guitar back I started playing it well what a difference,the sound quality was brilliant and its not so hard on your fingers when playing the cords thanks very much ian.
Steve Quick

Ian has set up 2 guitars for me 1 new and the other 30 years old, lowering the action and some fret work they now both sound fantastic and now them bar cords are much easier to hold, Ian gives you time, very friendly and professional. If you want to improve your playing and guitar i would highly recommend contacting Ian, you want be disappointed. Cheers Ian.
Tony Lacrouts

Hey Ian,
Thank you so much for the great work on my Gibson Les Paul. Here is a little review for you feedback.
Ian is a very cool guy, very easy to talk to & very helpful. This guy knows his guitars & is just brilliant, had my guitar set up with such a low action it’s unbelievable, with a hand crafted bone nut, his work is second to none, if you need a guitar set up or any repairs, this is the man to see.
Julian Page 

Hi Ian,
Just getting back to you. Thanks for the great set up you’ve done on my guitar . I haven’t been playing long & it’s made a great difference lowering the strings. I’m very pleased with the work you’ve done. Cheers
Colin Weeks

“I can’t recommend Ian highly enough. He has taken care of 3 of my basses so far, giving each one a untouched level of attention. All 3 basses have come back different instruments than when they went in – in that Ian has fettled, adjusted and tweaked them in the most professional, and skilled manner. He has also gone above and beyond on occasion to help me. If you are in Plymouth (even in the South West!) don’t hesitate to get in touch for all your guitar tech needs – he’s also a damn good guitar teacher! Highly, highly recommended!!” Regards.
Dave Kent 

Hi Ian,
Just wanted to say thanks for all the effort you have put in on my guitars, both gretsch’s, the new strat and ‘dads Gibson L7′, I thought the Gibson was firewood to be honest but you turned it around and made it beautiful, even someone with no knowledge or skill like me could notice the difference when playing. If only my fingers could do what my ears want to hear ! You will obviously be getting all my work in the future, next job tv jones in the gretsch !
If anyone is looking for work on their guitar then they need look no further…..
Rodney Hole

Cheers for a quality set up and fret dressing It made a huge difference to my guitar playing. Loads better than the local guitar shop, you realty went the extra mile.
Much appreciated.
Huw Pring

Hi Ian,
Taken me a while to get round to it, but thought it about time I dropped you a line with some proper feedback after my recent set ups!
Firstly my old fender acoustic. As you know, it was a bit of a dog to say the least, and arguably not worth the cost of sorting were it not for the sentimental value of it being my first guitar.
What can I say, it’s now actually playable! Given it a new lease of life and a chance of getting played a bit more often.
Secondly, the Chapman ML2. Bit of a random purchase on my part, and far from right when it turned up. Those frets where just awful, like rungs on a ladder I think you said! After the set up and (heavy) fret dress its now playing like it should, and the cheeky bridge pickup upgrade has given it a much better tone. May be some further upgrades to come on that one though…
Last but by no means least, my Mexican Strat. The first set up and subsequent upgrade you did for me, probably about a year ago now. Nothing short of amazing! Opened my eyes to what a difference a proper set up can make, and your recommendations for the pickups where bang on too. That thing is a beauty now! The only problem is it’ll be tough to better with anything else! Remains my favourite, and probably always will be.
Big thanks for all you’ve done, and I’ll be back for the next upgrade soon no doubt
Chris Reed.

I first met Ian a few years back when my son, Archie was looking for a guitar teacher who could both play and teach. From the off it was clear Ian can do both. He’s inspired my lad and taught him stuff he’d never have believed he could do. And it’s been fun. Archie’s truly found his skill.
Ian’s also set up my basses for me over the years-beautifully.
Recently, I did a guitar tech course with Ian. 1:1 teaching for some very long days, full of of interest and learning. Ian taught me some stuff I never thought I’d be able to do and some stuff I didn’t know existed. The course packs a huge amount into a few days, so I recommend taking notes as you go. He gave me confidence by being confident himself and by trusting me to do stuff. He let me get my hands on some guitars that were for sale and I think I managed not to stuff up! He never crowded me or stood over me, allowing me to develop my own way of applying the techniques. I’ve learnt a huge amount in this training, to the point where I’m able to begin tech work as part of earning my living.
Both Ian and Tina are really hospitable and generous in what they do. I commend them to you.
Roy Williams

Here’s a guy that really knows his business and a pleasure to deal with to boot. Ian took my mongrel Jazz Bass I picked up on eBay and turned into a great instrument to play. I heartily recommend Ian’s services and he will be getting a look at all my basses from now on.
Geoff Royall

Following a recommendation, we took on of our studio Martin acoustic guitars to Ian for set up which he did for up pretty swiftly.
it now plays so much better and feels like a new guitar once more. Top job, and we’ll be booking in some other soon. Highly recommend
John Carter

April Media Productions
Thanks for setting my les paul … sounds great … amazing job
Peter Surma

Hi Ian,
Thanks again for repairing my guitar..Tanglewood MR770F
I felt very comfortable leaving my guitar with Ian as he is willing to spend as much time on the guitar as it needs to get every detail up to scratch.
Thanks so much Ian for fixing my guitar, and for doing it for an amazing price. The guitar plays beautifully now and the pickup is so much better!! The guitar feels like it is brand new, and I’d be more than happy to ask Ian to help me again.
The results from Ian’s work are really impressive, and he takes the time to explain to you what he needs to do, what he has done and to give any other advice.
I’d thoroughly recommend Ian’s services to anyone, his work is of the top standard and he is a really lovely guy!!
Thanks again Ian.
Zoe Dickins

Nobody goes near my guitars except for Ian Randell ………… Enough said.
Lee Demkiw

Hi Ian,
Just a quick message (and a testimonial for you site) – great job setting up my PRS SE, it certainly plays noticeably better now, the action is much lower, and that really help’s bending those notes that were choking out before.
Great stuff, thanks again.
Barry Wiltshire

Like a car needs a yearly service, your guitar – ‘your chosen instrument’, ideally needs the same kind of attention. Through constant use you’ll find that your neck might well of moved, your frets might be wearing unevenly or just the general achilles heel problems that you encounter on your instrument like your input or vol/eq controls start crackling or your strap locks begin to fall off. Step forward Ian Randell! Ian is my personal tech and looks after all of my basses. He will tell you himself how fussy I am…..but, I know how I like my instruments to feel and play and Ian delivers every time on this.
Ian and his tech services are used by guitar shops throughout devon for their clientele, as well as acoustic, electric and bass guitarists all over the country. If you play guitar, Ian should be without doubt your first point of call for all your guitar tech requirements. You can see here from Ian’s Testimonial page here, that he gets fantastic comments on a regular basis, and welcomes your feedback. If you’re looking for a great guitar tech, look no further.
Ian is also a fantastic guitar teacher with a wealth of experience behind him, and a tuition clientele base going into the thousands now – past and present! Many of his past students are now running their own businesses as guitar teachers up and down the country, as well as locally in Plymouth. Ian’s wealth of musical knowledge in the practical and theory is quite incredible. His lessons are £35 an hour and worth every penny. If you’re looking for a patient guitar teacher with a solid teaching background, coupled with world class ability look no further. Ian is also the reason why I play and teach the electric bass guitar today – enough said.. : ) Ian you’re an inspiration and I don’t say it enough..thank you bro…
Rory Pearse
RWP Bass Tuition
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